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Aliens: Stranded



After losing contact with the base on the moon LV535, a squad of Colonial marines is sent to investigate.Neither this squad nor the base made contact again. After being declared overdue, another squad has been dispachedto investigate. Your squad.

Arriving in orbit, debris is detected from the previous CM troop transport vessel. Your vessel goes on high alert and your unit is dispatched to the surface. En route to the base your dropship is hit by a surface-to-air missile, just as anunknown ship begins attacking the main troop vessel.

Fortunately you make it to a nearby airlock.You take the role of a colonial marine, the lone survivor of your dropship crash. First priority should be establishingcontact with your ship.



Enemies are tough, and ammo will be limited later on: you start off with an automated sentry gun which can be deployedand picked up again at any time, and is a life-saver on several occasions. In fact there will be times were you are a goner without it.Aliens have acid blood: remember that before shooting one point blank in the face with a shotgun!
Remember that your starting weapon (pistol) has a flashlight so you may need to switch back and forth a lot. Also, you have a supply of flares for lighting up areas or simply marking routes.
You *MUST* have Dynamic Lights enabled, otherwise the game is pitch black for the most part and unplayable.
The included mapset is dark and the lighting is dynamic and random: replay the same map and it could be a lot darker (or brighter)!Using the mapset, the usual doom playstyle is altered: you may need to finish certain objectives before being allowed to exit the map.There are many secret areas, and possibly certain objectives may require you to find and enter a secret area.You *MUST* bind "Action 1" key and use it: This is where you will see what objectives need to be met to finish a map.






This is a standalone version which comes with everything needed in a zip file:
Download standalone WIP
-EDGE-Classic 1.1 included
-FreeDoom IWAD included


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