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EMUS: Edge Modders Utility Suite


EMUS is an application composed of several other utilities which can come in handy for your average EDGE TC developer (and perhaps non-EDGE doomers too).

Basically, you've got RTS Scripting, DDF editing, Wad Merging, File renaming, lump editing and all in the one application.



some tools


some more tools


Breakdown of included Utilities


some stuff


some tools


some more tools


some more tools


some more tools


RTS-IDE is an editor for the creation of RTS scripts (RTS being the Doom source port EDGEs scripting language). Although the original intention was simply to mimic RTS-Online in an Off-line, standalone app, EDGE-IDE has gone beyond that and will be interesting for all EDGE scripters.

DDF Off-Line
DDF Off-Line is simply a little tool to allow you to consult the latest DDF docs locally, without being connected to the internet.
The documentation in this release is for EDGE 2.x

FRT: File Renamer tool
Utility to allow basic batch renaming of files.

WET: Wad Editing Tool
Utility which allows you to open or create a wad and see a list of entries and edit most of them. You can import anything you want as well as create new lumps. It will not allow you to edit lumps it does not recognize or know how to handle e.g. all the MAP stuff.
You can see a preview of most stuff, including MD2 models!
The idea behind this tool was to make a more powerful GUI alternative to DDF-in-wad, not a replacement for XWE/Wintex ;)

MST: MD2 States Tool
A tool that reads all the animations contained in a Quake 2 format MD2 model and then uses them as a base to define the states in DDF. Mainly useful for assisting in the tedious task of defining the animation sequence in the states section of your things DDF entry

LHW: Low/High Res wad tool
A tool to create a resources wad file ito be used in your map editor of choice. The wad will contain both the High Res images(what you'll see in EDGE) and also a Low Res texture (what you'll see in the map editor). Mainly useful for mapping with High Res textures, which in many cases cannot be seen while map editing, making things like texture aligning a nightmare. It takes a folder full of your PNG/JPG images, automatically calculates the appropriate scaling, resizes the Low Res images (and maybe the High Res ones too) and adds them to the wad, along with the automatically-generated DDFIMAGE lump and the Doom Palette. The Low Res images are added as Doom textures i.e. Doom palette applied and added to TEXTURES lump in the wad.

IDT: Images.ddf tool
A tool to aid in the creation of an images.ddf file when dealing with a large number of images. Mainly useful for creating the images.ddf entries after batch importing a lot of .png or .jpg images into your wad. The filenames without extension will be used as the image.ddf entry names.

WMT: Wad Merger Tool
Tool to allow merging two or more wads. Two modes - Manual and Batch

Manual mode: You have the main wad in a list on the Left side, and on the Right the wad with the entries you want to copy over to the main wad. You can copy them over by right-clicking the sub wad list and clicking  "Merge into main wad". 

Batch mode: We choose the main wad, and then one or more wads which contain the entries we want to merge into the main wad. Common to both modes: We can activate an option "Merge EDGE lumps" so that if we come across the same EDGE specific lump in different wads, it will append the info from the latest one to the one found in the main wad, as opposed to simply overwriting the newer lump with the old one.

To Do List
Simply little tool which will maintain a list of things to do: consists of a list and a text editor. Allows items to be marked as "Done" or "To do".



EMUS v2.x (zip) The Edge Modders Utility Suite application. 3 Mb
EMUS v1.0 (zip) The Edge Modders Utility Suite application: older version. 638 Kb


you must have the Microsoft .Net Framework 4.0 installed to run EMUS: it's very probable that you already do, but if not then you can get it from the link above.



A big "Thank you" to the people who helped me test this and gave some great input:
  • CeeJay
  • Ajapted
  • Liberation
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