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Description / Descripcin

This is a TC for Doom2/EDGE which replaces a large number of sprites, graphics, sounds, music and levels. The central theme of the TC will of course be the Robotech anime series, more specifically centered on the first generation (Macross). The storyline of the TC will follow the series, from the first few episodes up to the point where the main fleet of the zentraedi arrive to attack earth.

Esta es una conversin total (TC) para Doom2/EDGE que reemplace un gran numero de sprites, grficos, sonidos, msica y niveles. El tema central de la TC ser, por supuesto, la serie de anime Robotech, especficamente enfocada en la primera generacin (Macross). La historia de la TC seguir la serie, desde los primeros episodios hasta el punto cuando la flota principal de los Zentraedi llegan para atacar la Tierra.


Features / Caractersticas


This is just the wad file so you need to have EDGE 1.35(minimum) and a copy of Doom2.wad: ->
Download 2020 WIP v2: needs EDGE v1.35 minimum + Doom2

This is a standalone version which comes with everything needed in a zip file: ->
Download standalone WIP on MODDB
Robotech FirstGen


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