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10 August 2020: Robotech FirstGen WIP #2 available

Not a lot to see if you've tried it before. Mainly just patched up the old WIP to work in modern versions of EDGE.
But, it does have a new shiny HUD display!

Grab it from the FirstGen About page of the site (also added new screenshots)

31 July 2020: EMUS v2 Beta and DoomPAL update
  • EMUS->WET: Bug if you canceled out of Importing something, fixed.
  • EMUS->LHW: Speed up when processing.
  • EMUS->DDF Offline: Search bug fixed.
  • EMUS: couple of bugs fixed.
  • DoomPAL: New visual style can be chosen, "boring mode". For those NSFW moments in work ;)
  • DoomPAL: Odd delay when exiting tracked down and fixed.

27 July 2020: EMUS v2 Beta update
  • WET: Moving entries improved.
  • WET: New lump is created at the current spot in the list, instead of being added to the end.
  • WET: Massive speed up when loading wads: for a 3000+ entry wad, from 55 seconds down to 8 seconds.
  • DDF Offline: Added COAL reference documentation.
  • WET: Error if new entry name is too small fixed.

23 July 2020: EMUS v2 Beta update

Bug fixes and some minor GUI stuff.

17 July 2020: EMUS v2 Beta update

Allow editing of COALHUDS lump. Also a couple of bug fixes.

14 June 2020: EMUS v2 Beta release

After 10 years it's finally here! EMUS V2!

-New Utilities:
  • MST: MD2 States Tool: given an md2 model as input, it will generates DDF code for states.
  • WET: Wad Editing Tool: replaces ELI for your wad editing needs. Think a very minimal version of XWE, with a lot less frills. Shows preview of entries in wad: GFX, SFX, text lumps and MD2 (quake) 3D models!
  • LHW: Lo/Hi Res texture wad Tool: given some images, it sticks them in a wad as both HiRes and LoRes(Doom standard) textures.

-New features:
  • Basic searching implemented in both RTS-IDE and DDF Offline
  • New code editing/syntax highlighting motor for both RTS-IDE and DDF editing: 100x faster than the old one at...everything!
  • WMT now allows pname merging
  • RTS-IDE updated to EDGE 1.35 compliance
  • IDT now adds an (optional) comment to the generated DDF to show the original images dimensions(width x height)

-Bugs fixed:
  • fixed bad links in DDF Offline (most noticeable in Windows Vista)
  • Allow Control+C copying from DDF Offline
  • Allow mouse scrollwheel in DDF Offline
  • Edited descriptions of "mapstuff" in DDF OffLine
  • Many more which I can't remember

  • ELI: EDGE Lump Importer has been removed and substituted with WET.

03 June 2020: DoomPAL updated to v2.1.3

Small update to DoomPAL to add EPK to the types of add-on files. Also a couple of tiny bugs fixed.

06 May 2020: DoomPAL updated to v2.1.1

Small update to DoomPAL to add PK3 and PK7 files to the types of add-on files. Also, MiniLauncher was not showing a personalized Background/Button.

05 May 2020: MEGA Meltdown

Apparently the name of the project was too triggering for many people (mainly americans I guess) so I decided to rename it to Make EDGE Active Again.
That is all.

Also, coding on EMUS: it's going well.
Low/HighRes wad creator(LHW) is pretty much done.
I've now turned my attention to MD2 States Tool(MST), which was pretty rough around the EDGEs (E.D.G.E.s get it!?)
Was about to completely redo the whole user interface as I couldn't figure out why I did it the way I did all those years ago, but after thinking hard about it and moving some stuff around I started to remember the method to my madness :)

03 May 2020: Ready for release

M.E.G.A. (Make EDGE Great Again) is done and ready for release. So what is it?
It's a pack designed to run on EDGE 1.35 which includes:
  • High Resolution Textures and Flats for Doom, Doom2, Plutonia and TNT
  • Replacement of most sprites with MD2 models (everything except monsters and HUD weapons)
  • EDGE 1.35 with Timidity stuff set up for music
  • Pretty launcher program to do all the hard work
Currently weighing in at 280Mb, so have to host it externally: grab it from Mediafire

Shout out to Liberation for beta testing it.

DoomP.A.L. initial(public) release
Think of it as E.S.L. v2, updated to a more modern programming language.
New Screenies and download link on the DoomPAL page

Also, I did a good bit of coding on EMUS: it's shaping up quite nicely.
Most of the work went into a new tool : Low/HighRes wad creator(LHW).
This is an aid to mapping with HiRes textures,because usually you can't see them in the mapping editor, at least in EDGEs case.
So what this tool does is take a folder full of High Res textures(png/jpg) and add them to a wad in 2 flavours:
  • Low res scaled/resized and Doom color compatible: what you'll see in the map editor
  • High res, maybe slightly resized, which is what you'll see in EDGE.

Then automatically generates the required DDFImage to make the magic happen and sticks it in the wad too ;)
It really makes Texture aligning easier in your favorite map editor.

24 April 2020: MEGA (Make EDGE Great Again) Project underway

Still getting sidetracked. Wasted a lot of time getting the HiRes Texture pack(AltDHTPv1.3) to play nice with EDGE, working around bugs, jumping through hoops: and here I thought it would be a quick job :(
A lot more work than I thought but it's done anyway.

Then, because I wasn't getting sidetracked enough, I decided to grab Sitters skyboxes and pack them up for EDGE and add them to the pack.

Still not quite happy with being so sidetracked, I decided that it would be cool to also do some MD2 replacing of some of the standard Doom sprites! Due to personal preferences, I replaced almost everything except the monsters and the weapons.
That's basically done too. Most of the models were taken from an old pack that used to ship with Vavoom/JDoom.

Now I'm trying to decide how to package it all up for ease of use, and where to host it: it's currently weighing in at around 250MB which is way to much for my webhost.

But! I did do a good bit of coding on EMUS: it's shaping up quite nicely. Most of the work went into WET and MST,and a bit of RTS IDE. I've added a new screenshot to the EMUS page.

Almost forgot: I slightly changed the Boat and Water tutorial wads to make a splashing sound when you go into the water :)

09 April 2020:

Keep getting sidetracked. Came across the Doom HiRes Textures project, so now I've been coding a program to automate the DDF necessary to use it in EDGE.
Then, to take a break, I started fixing up the website.

But wait! I did finally get SFX playing in the wad preview in WET!

07 April 2020:

Discovered that two of the tutorial wads on the site were broken: now fixed and replaced.
  • Demo Tutorial 11: Water(swimmable). The water wasn't actually water but damaging green toxic waste! Don't know how that slipped by me :)
  • Demo Tutorial 09: Sniper rifle. This got broken in some version of EDGE after 1.29. Apparently the ZOOM_FOV command in 1.35 seems to go from 0 to 1.0, I changed it to 0.2 (smaller the number bigger the zoom).

06 April 2020:

An update to the site after more than 10 years. TEN YEARS!! Crazy.

So, here's the thing: a while back someone ported EDGE 1.35 to the Open Pandora game console(which I own).
That prompted me to try out my old TCs on it. They had some annoying bugs, which prompted me to boot up EMUS and DoomPAL...
EMUS and DoomPAL also had some bugs as well as many half-completed features...
That prompted me to start fixing them up, so that I could use them to fix up my TCs...
Unfortunately, to really complete the EMUS v2 release, I need to update the RTS editor commands and DDF-Offline to EDGE v1.35....

...I think you can see where this is going ;)

So, I've been doing some heavy coding on EMUS v2, which is shaping up extremely nicely.

Some highlights:

  • Overhaul of the RTS-IDE code editor which is now a lot faster at syntax colouring. RTS commands updated to 1.35 compliance.
  • New tool called WET(Wad Editing Tool): replaces ELI (edge lump importer). Now we can do stuff not just to the EDGE-specific lumps, but also a lot of other stuff (images, MD2 etc).
  • New tool called MST(MD2 States Tool): given a quake 2 model(.md2), show it and read all the animations contained therein to use as a base to define the states in DDF. It's a bit hard to explain but it's to make it less tedious to define the states in things.ddf
  • Greatly improved DDF editor in WET(wad Editing Tool).

Now before anyone asks, I'm concentrating on EDGE 1.35 compliance for everything because that is the version I have on my Pandora. It's not a snub to 3DGE/EDGE2, which looks very interesting indeed.

But just getting to 1.35 compliance might be biting off more than I can chew, without adding in MD3, PK3, UDMF and all the other new stuff.

It's not my intention to get back into Doom again, just to bugfix some stuff, release it, and disappear again into the mists of time :)

01 June 2007

New App: EMUS v1.0 released

For a while I've been toying with the idea of creating an application composed of several other utilities which can come in handy for your average EDGE TC developer (and perhaps non-EDGE doomers too).

I've finally gotten around to doing it and it's called EMUS (or E.dge M.odders U.tility S.uite).
So far, the tools included are:
  • DDF Off-Line
  • FRT: File Renamer Tool
  • ELI: EDGE Lump Importer
  • IDT: Images DDF Tool
  • WMT: Wad Merging Tool
  • To Do List

So basically, you've got RTS Scripting, DDF editing, Wad Merging, File renaming and a bit of lump editing all in the one application.

You can check out more info about it in the Programs section (menu at the top of the page).

EMUS (Edge Modders Utility Suite) v1.0 (638 Kb).

Also, please note that you must have the Microsoft .Net Framework 2.0 installed to run EMUS: it's very probable that you already do, but if not then you can get it from the link above

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