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23 September 2023: EMUS new version released

Mainly just updated DDF-Offline and RTS docs to the EC v1.35 compliance.

19 April 2023: DoomPAL new version released

New release of DoomPAL. New features include:
-Load order of add-ons can be changed with new "Up" and "Down" buttons
-Individual add-ons can be temporarily deactivated via new checkboxes
-Increased the Most Recent File list from 5 to 10
-Added a config for Woof!
-changed to 32bit build

09 April 2022: EDGE-Classic v1.1 released

New release of EDGE-Classic. Major new features include:
-Inventory system
-More music types (including tracker and even C64 SID!)
-Dynamic reverb for SFX
-Autoload folders
-Liquid swirl FX
and more new commands, bugfixes etc. (check out the changelog)
You can grab it HERE

18 December 2021: EDGE-Classic v1.0 released

We've made so many changes to our fork of EDGE 1.35 we've decided to rename it to EDGE-Classic.
You can grab it HERE

30 November 2021: New web host, new look.

Changed to a new webhost so I decided to re-organize the site and also add some new sections.
Also, updated the EDGE DDF and RTS docs for EDGE-Classic compliance.
EMUS has also been updated to include the latest docs.

20 November 2021: Preview build of a new fork of EDGE 1.35 released.

Dasho (of Obsidian fame) and myself have been hard at work on a new fork of EDGE based off the old 1.35 release.
You can download and get more info about it from the github site.

17 October 2021: Aliens:Stranded new project released

New project based on the Aliens movie.
All new Enemies, weapons, pickups, scenery, textures, sfx, music. Obsidian-based mapset included.

Grab it from the new Aliens About page of the site.

02 April 2021: EMUS update
  • EMUS->WET Image Offset editor for sprites and graphics.
    -- Handles DDFIMAGE-defined graphics(png) as well as normal Doom.
    -- Allows loading a reference image in the background to make offsetting easier for things like weapon flash.
    -- PNG images will be displayed using the information from DDFIMAGE (e.g. Scaling, X and Y offsets).
  • EMUS->WET Automatic processing/handling of DDFIMAGE lump:
    -- Context menu options to add image to DDFIMAGE lump.
    -- Deleting/Renaming an image lump will automatically update DDFIMAGE.
    -- Any pngs used for sprites or gfx will have FIX_TRANS=BLACKEN added to the DDF entry automatically.
  • EMUS->WET contextual(right click) menu now disables options which don't make sense for the selected entry.
  • EMUS->WET: Vastly improved playback of SFX lumps (including OGG).
  • EMUS->WET: Allow duplicate names.
  • EMUS->DDF Offline: updated to 2.x compliance (Finally!)
  • EMUS->General bug fixes and GUI improvements

02 December 2020: DDF Online docs update

The DDF Online documentation has been updated (finally!) to EDGE 2.x compliance!

12 September 2020: EMUS update
  • EMUS->WET: cut/paste for wad lumps.
  • EMUS->DDF/COAL Code Editor: contextual(right click) menu has a color picker tool. Make it easier doing #99ff00 kind of commands.
  • EMUS->WET: search for a lump. Partial searches allowed e.g. "DDF" will find everything that has ddf in the name like DDFIMAGE, DDFTHING etc
  • EMUS->DDF/COAL Code Editor: now has the same Code Snippets feature as RTS-IDE.
  • EMUS->MST: improved the default action pointers when generating the ddf code.

26 August 2020: Robotech FirstGen WIP #3 available

All new 3D models, new skyboxes, and several gameplay tweaks.

Grab it from the FirstGen About page of the site.

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